My Diary Today

My Diary Today
Usually everyday of the sunday, always lazy to get up early. Today I'm also lazy to wake up, I keep my msg want to walk the refressing to my friend. I said as my friend wanted to go at 11 am but delayed again. The new end at 2 pm I'm ready, my friend picked me to use the car , I was fitting out of the shower and ready. I will continue to go up to get out, and my handphone was left at home. 

But I realized when i was on the road/otw going to the mall, damn right i think...but would take it at home I've been lazy. Eventually to the shopping don't carry my handphone, so when people rush, may you all be more careful and don't experience it like me.
As long day of week to get rid of the bored I walk, I happen to also like to buy things that are important to me to use. For 2 hours I was in the shopping that was included on the return trip, not so long ago it just to buy essential goods continued to ate in the restorant. I've been eating chicken porridge in the restoran Marry Brown with my best friend, we just both go.
After I got home i suddenly miss my parent, finally I call my parents even though only 15 minutes and just asked the situation about the health of my parents and situation in my village. Thankfully all is okay, this heart would feel relieved, so even though I'm far from my parents but I never stopped communicating with my parent and family, my parent are everything too.

That is my story today, thank you for that has been willing to read it, now is time to break of me.
Greetings to you all, by My diary today.

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