Fish Leong - belongs lyrics

Fish Leong - belongs lyrics

梁靜茹 - 屬於

Fish Leong - belongs  lyrics

I adhere to the worthy course
I believe that is really
If I dare to pursue I dare you
And if forget not to do

Maybe perhaps I never will not meet him
Maybe perhaps I was too naive!

Belongs to me yesterday before ending
I decided my decision
Is a longing after me tomorrow
I adore my superstition
Is a little sad

We want each to forget
Belong to our shiny love
We work together again
We also work hard

Belonging to the wind, just go fly!
Belong to the sea would be raging!
Our love to Come
Why not do not do

Him hit the predestined that he
Him he turned on here ah

Fish Leong - belongs

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